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Climate At Umngazi

The climate along the Wild Coast varies from temperate sub-tropical in the South to moderate sub-tropical weather further North.

Umngazi specifically has a very comfortable sub-tropical climate. The combination of mountains and sea creates a temperate zone of its own which is ideally suited to winter vacations when dolphins and whales abound, but also keeps the temperature cool and comfortable in summer. The temperature seldom drops below 14 degrees C. The highest rainfall occurs over the Summer months. Temperatures in Summer average about 28 degrees (high) and 17 degrees (low), and in Winter based on about 20 degrees (high) and 8 degrees (low). Umngazi’s climate offers our guests climate that is perfect for holidays all year round, with sea temperatures mild enough for even mid winter bathing.



Lasts from mid-October to mid-February and is characterised by hot, sunny weather and thunderstorms that clear quite quickly.



Lasts from May to July and is characterised by great weather, with deep blue skies, mild sunny days and no wind or rain.



Lasts from mid-February to April and is characterised by little rain and warm weather, ideal for travelling and sightseeing.



Lasts from August to mid October and sees a warming in temperatures. Umngazi is a malaria free zone.