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Surrounded by pristine scenery and boasting a uniquely relaxed sophistication, Umngazi is a resort with an extraordinary energy, with colourful people, remarkable nature and glorious weather creating the perfect holiday playground for couples and families. Feel part of the natural harmony that makes up this exceptional corner of South Africa, with the enchantment of the real Wild Coast and the warmth of the Pondo people. An adventure for the senses, as the tastes, sights and sounds of this wonderful land touch your soul, Umngazi calls to your sense of adventure with the promise of fascinating discoveries.

Our Awards

our awards


The Real Wild Coast


Rugged coastlines, indigenous forests, crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and breath taking scenery are some of what makes the Wild Coast unlike any other in the world. Set in the heart of this coastline, Umngazi is surrounded by all its beauty and mystery. 


Discover Paradise. Discover Umngazi.





At Umngazi we take luxury seriously, which is why each of the 69 Bungalows we offer are all treated with precise attention to detail to ensure your stay with us is as memorable as possible.


Discover Comfort. Discover Umngazi.



Activities & FACILITIES


We pride ourselves on offering facilities and activities that appeal to the individual needs of every traveller. Whether you have a taste for birding, hiking, fishing, mountain biking or canoeing, excitement is guaranteed to be waiting around every corner. 


Discover Adventure. Discover Umngazi.



The Spa


Surrounded by beauty and detached from the stresses of the daily grind, relaxation comes naturally with your stay at Umngazi. However, to completely rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, immerse yourself in our award winning spa, and discover true peace of mind.


Discover Serenity. Discover Umngazi.





As a family resort, our list of facilities and activities are never ending. With an enthusiastic entertainment team just begging to spend time with your kids, little minds at Umngazi are promised mounds of adventure and even bigger discoveries.


Discover Fun. Discover Umngazi.





A beautiful discovery is always better shared. Discover paradise together at Umngazi, one of South Africa’s premier honeymoon destinations, for a truly unforgettable experience. 


Discover Passion. Discover Umngazi.





Whether you have an appetite for adventure, a craving for relaxation or a thirst for romance, Umngazi is entirely committed to ensuring your hunger is satisfied. With a number of different dining experiences on offer, mouthwatering cuisine and a team of Chef’s willing to make any of your old favourites, every meal is a memory for the taste buds. 


Discover Taste. Discover Umngazi.





At Umngazi you are welcomed wholeheartedly into the Pondo community and your experience goes well beyond feeling the harmony, to being a part of it. You’ll discover true human spirit.


Discover WARMTH. Discover Umngazi.